Family Reunion by Laverne Ross

Friday, November 16, 2007


As I said in this post's introduction yesterday, I am passionate about many things. The one topic that has been consuming me for about four months is the horror that happened at Dunbar Village. To summarize, on June 18th in a single housing project complex in West Palm Beach Florida, a single mother was gang raped for three hours by 10 males and her 12 year old son was beaten . They then forced her to perform a sexual act on her son, poured bleach and other chemicals on them and would have set them on fire, but they didn't have a match. By the way no one in the housing complex came to the aid of this woman and her son, in fact they had to walk almost a mile in near darkness to a hospital. Again no one even offered to help them.These criminals were all Black by the way and their ages range from 14-18. Four are in custody but six are still running around free in the city!

The so-called Black leadership has been silent on this issue as has the Black press. The first article that actually dealt with Dunbar was last month's issue of ESSENCE magazine. (On page 210 after the ads, perfume, and other fluff articles) Other than that silence. You can find more coverage of this on the blog WHAT ABOUT OUR DAUGHTERS? You will see what the blog's founder, Sister Gina McCauley refers to these leaders as the "League of the Immorally Indifferent".

That is why what Brother blkseagoat has done today in Washington D.C. in confronting the good Rev. Al and his troops is so important. (Please check out the article today in USA Today on the counter protest) He is calling them out for not showing the same passion about violence towards Black women and horrible crimes such as Dunbar Village. I publicly support him and we all need to support him for what he has done.

Oh, and for Rev. Al to say that he mentioned Dunbar on his radio and that he can't be everywhere and that "If the woman in Florida had called me, I would have come." Say what?? What kind of half-assed, piss-poor, pathetic excuse was that? I could smell the bulshit full of steroids all the way here in California. If she would have called? Called you Rev.? I think she was too busy worrying about her son and trying to hold on to her sanity after being repeatedly violated, trying to come to grips about her neighbors not lifting a finger to help her and her son and going into hiding because she is fearful of her life. Gee Rev., after all that I think she is a little too damn busy to call your ass!!

You didn't need anyone to call you going down to Jena and speaking on that situation. You didn't need anyone to call when you were defending Michael Vick and talking about those poor, abused dogs. You didn't need anyone to call you to go down to help the family of Sean Bell. What it is is that in those situations, the cameras were there and the publicity for you was a plus. Get the hell away from me with that weak ass excuse.

Well, that's all for now. I wish you all love, peace and happiness.
Mr. Shadow signing out.


Anonymous said...

Heads up. We'll be talking about another West Palm Beach rape victim soon. She was 15 years old and was raped July 15. There is never any talk about her.

If you happen to know of any resources in South Florida or groups that I can contact let me know.

We're trying to connect her father to as many resources as we can.

Anonymous said...

Correction: She was raped July 18.