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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome Everyone to Universal Blackness

Welcome to all of my fellow bloggers. I am a novice at this so please bear with me while I learn on the job. This blog was literally created at the spur of the moment and basically is inspired by Sister Gina's blog What About Our Daughters? In fact it was my efforts in trying to respond to a post on her blog that I found myself creating this blog. My topics will cover everything from the mess this country is in to educational issues, movies, music, television and other things that interest me. However many of my posts will be on the topic that has consumed Ms.Gina, Symphony, Attorneymom and so many others. That is the crime against humanity that occured one night in June at a single housing project facility in West Palm Beach, Florida. Where a single Black mother was gang raped for three hours by 10 individuals, all Black by the way and no one tried to help her. I have been committed to help tell the story of this atrocity. That's all for now. Love, peace and happiness to all as you travel on this journey known as life.


Anonymous said...

Quite a profile there. I love teachers. I work with Upward Bound and one of my kids said, "You're going to be a great teacher." *sniff*

Someday I will teach. There is nothing like watching a kid when they get it.

Welcome to the world of blogging; its addictive!

Tami said...

I am late welcoming you to the blogging world, but I appreciate your support of my blog and wanted to "stop by." We new bloggers have to support one another. Keep up the good work!