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Friday, September 18, 2009


From What About Our Daughters September 17th:

The Palm Beach post actually has audio of the victim’s testimony from Thursday in the trial of Jakarius Taylor. They also have audio from her testimony in Walker and Poindexter’s trials as well. I’m not going to listen to it, but it is there for those who feel the need.

Avion Lawson rebutted Taylor’s defense that Taylor just happened to be around and was there to convince his friend to leave when Taylor tripped and his penis fell out of his pants. Whatever!
Avion said they went to that apartment that night for one reason:

But while Marie and her son testified that the youths demanded money, Lawson said his friends had only one thing on their mind: “We’re going to get some.”
Two others – 20-year-old Tommy Poindexter and 18-year-old Nathan Walker – were convicted last month. They face life in prison. Two others Lawson said participated in the attack haven’t been charged.

Assistant State Attorney Craig Williams asked Lawson the question that has haunted many: “Did you guys care about what happened to Marie?”
“Guess not,” Lawson answered in a monotone. “They started it.”
“How about you? Did you care?” Williams continued.
“After it was over with, yeah, I thought about it.”
Palm Beach Post.

In addition Taylor was identified as the person to hold a gun on the 12 year old son and hit him over the head. Lawson also said that Taylor searched for a lighter to set the mother and son on fire.

This Goddamn Taylor needs an eternal ass whupping. This little snot must think he's invincible. What kind of monster does what he did? I hope the put his ass in general population and let the other inmates tear his skinny rear up.

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