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Friday, September 18, 2009


I was checking Ms. Gina's blog and came upon news of the second trial for those "beasts" that brutally gang raped a mother and beat her son in West Palm Beach over two years ago. She covers it better than I can and so I will showcase what she wrote:

From What About Our Daughters September 16th

Second Dunbar Village Trial Underway:
Why are Melvin Young, Augustus Fontaine still Running Loose?

Well this one snuck up on me. The last of the Dunbar Villag Trials began yesterday.
Blame Tommy Poindexter. Blame Avion Lawson.

But don’t blame Jakaris Taylor, a youth who played sports and went to church but was drawn into the brutal gang rape of a 35-year-old Dunbar Village woman out of the love of a friend and the fear of another youth who had long terrorized the poverty-wracked housing project. Palm Beach Post

Oh yeah RIIIIGHT! Oh it gets BETTER and BETTER:
So, he went to the apartment, hoping to persuade Lawson, whom he often called his “brother,” to leave, Haddad said.

Instead, Taylor stood and watched while the Lawson and at least four other young men repeatedly raped the woman, ultimately forcing her to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son.
When he tried to leave, Haddad said, Poindexter taunted him.
“What about you? What about you little bro’? You ain’t never done it before?” Haddad said, quoting Poindexter.

Fearing Poindexter, known as “Crazy Tommy,” would turn one of the two guns he was holding on him, Taylor approached the woman for oral sex. He “simulated a sex act” hoping it would show Poindexter and the other boys in the room that he was on their team, Haddad said.
Well if that’s what he is admitting to, then he should stay on their “team” and serve the next 45 years in the cell next to his “team mates.” Lawson is expected to testify again. The Palm Beach
Post has video of his testimony in the first trial.

This looks like the same strategy as the first two, the “I was there, but I didn’t do as much evil as everybody else.” In a sense they are throwing themselves on the mercy of the jury.
Meanwhile two others implicated in the attack are running around free; Melvin Young, Augustus Fontaine.

Still, the victim testified that 10 men assaulted her. Lawson identified six: Poindexter, Walker, Jakaris Taylor, Melvin Young, Augustus Fontaine and himself. Taylor goes on trial next month. Why haven’t West Palm Beach police arrested Young and Fontaine? Law enforcement officials say only that it’s an ongoing investigation. It had better be. For those who were there on June 18, 2007, with Poindexter, Walker and Lawson, the truth still awaits. And all of those who were there should face it. Palm Beach Post

You know it still shocks and agers me when I read about what these "beasts" did to this poor mother and her son and the criminals try to make excuses and the weak ass "I was just there defense. Yet these punks didn't have the decency to help the woman as she was repeatedly violated in her apartment. As far as I'm concerned just grab all of these bastards and throw them out into the desert. They deserve the worst kind of hell that can be devised with Dante's vision being the entry level.

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kristin said...

Mr. Shawdow I know I don't comment often but thank you for staying with this story. It is heartening to see your dedication.