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Monday, December 15, 2008


Boy oh boy was that a sight to behold! My mother and I were laughing uncontrollably when we saw it. Nice to know that he has some quickness in him but then he has been ducking, bobbing and weaving from the truth for so long that I shoulden't be surprised. The expression on his face showed that he had no idea why the Iraqi reporter threw not one but two shoes at him. Clueless as usual.
Well Mr. Bush, that act is the ultimate sign of disrespect that one can make against someone in the Muslim culture. The shoes that were thrown at you represented the anger, frustration, sadness and hatred for you and what you have done to his country.

Still don't get it Mr. Clueless? Well you invaded a sovereign country over false evidence that Saddam has something to do with 911 and that there were weapons of mass destruction there. Five years later there are thousands of brave men and women who have died because of those lies. Thousands of dead and maimed Iraqi men, women and children because of those lies. The presence of Al Queada and other terroist groups that have a steady crop of recruits to draw from because of the destruction and death that your lies and force have done to Iraq.
I could go on but I think that is enough. However if you really want to see how others view you Mr. Bush, then go to the MSNBC website and look up the section form the Tuesday December 9th edition of Countdown With Keith Olberman. Maybe you will finally get a clue.

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