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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well since the last time I regularly blogged much has happened:

I saw a united Democratic party during its convention where Barack Obama cemented hid claim that he is by far the best candidate for the President of the United States.

Unfortunately the neo con Republican machine struck back with the announcement of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin the "Caribou Barbie" as McCain's running mate. Then began their drive to take the spotlight and momentum that Obama and the Democrat's had generated.

Then we had the snorefest known as the Republican National Convention where pretty much all of the talk was insults and negative remarks aimed at Obama. "Dodo" Bush gave another braind dead speech via video, Cindy McCain spoke in all her expensive clothes that said" I have on clothes that cost up to $50,000, money that could clothe and feed whole communities. I won't but I feel your pain". Then Sarah Palin spoke and recited a whole speech written by the neocon hacks which were filled with nothing but lies. Then the finale: "Insane in the membrane" McCain gave probably the most boring acceptance speech in history. I mean that was truly a cure for insomnia there.

The anniversary of hurricane Katrina came with the onset of another, Gustav. Thankfully the response was better and to my knowledge no deaths but we should never forget the injustices that happened during Katrina. Never forget that there are thousands of people still displaced and communities (Mostly Black) that have not been rebuilt and look like the hurricane just hit.

I started my 9th year as a teacher this week and I am happy to say that it looks to be an excellent one. I have a feeling that this will be a year of real and meaningful change, just like the election to come. Yes, dear bloggers I am keeping the faith and backing it up with action. I will be voting for Obama and will do my part to ensure that my family, friends and co workers vote as well. That's all for now, its good to be back!

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