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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Mr. Shadow's quick capsule review of the first debate: Obama won. Yes he could have hammered that old fool McCain more and he let some things slide but that wasn't the point. All he had to do was come out and convince the viewers, many seeing him for the first time that he looked presidential. He did that in spades. He ferried off everyone of ol' Grampy McCains lies and attacks and did it with class, not stooping to McCain's level. The polls agreed and so another obstacle goes down in Obama's quest for the presidency.

I got another similar opinion over at Racialicious and I had to include it here. Along with being right I had to hold my laughter in since I am in class right now. Anyway here it is:

From Racialicious: September 26

by Latoya Peterson

Dearest readers,
Your editrix has been working and traveling hard for the bulk of the week, so I haven’t checked in on my beloved blog as much as I wanted.

However, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to post an open thread of the presidential debates.
I ended up watching the debates in a bar up in Spanish Harlem, slamming sangria and raspberry Hefeweizen, chilling with my homegirl Erica, and yelling at the damn screen like I ain’t got no fucking home training.

“Whatever McCain!”
“Gobama! Yeah, boy, get him on the details!”
“Damn, homie, he got you! Recover, Recover!”

I felt like Obama came strong and stayed strong. McCain’s performance was a bit uneven, though he definitely became more confident around issues of national security, and made a few good points.

And now, I’m taking my drunk ass to bed and opening the floor. Remember to be civil to each other now!

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