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Friday, August 15, 2008


Bo Taylor passed away on Monday at the too young age of 42. This man who transformed himself from a hardcore gangster into a gang intervention and peace activist was a hero. He helped to broker a truce between the Bloods and Crips (Where he used to be a member)

Read his thoughts about the truce and more here.

He formed an organization called Unity One to help foster these efforts and also hosted a local political radio show. He was one of many brothers and sisters who risk their lives out in the streets here in Los Angeles to try and help steer those involved in gangs towards a better way of life.

When I first browsed the web in search of news about Bo Taylor, I only found a few. This one from L.A. Observed really touched me. It contains comments from other individuals including USC football Coach Pete Carroll who bonded with Taylor while marching in the L.A. streets and helping with recruiting (Actually meeting with the student athletes and their families and pledging to help them)

Another soldier has left us. Its been a tough week losing Bernie, Isaac and now Bo.

His funeral was held this morning and in his memory I praise Bo Taylor and the work that he dedicated his life to. In my own way as a teacher I will try to assist and keep alive what he did.

Peace be with you Brother Bo Taylor.

Read more about the life of this man here and here

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