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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My fellow blogger Ms. Symphony over at Essential Presence has written an excellent post about the atrocity that happened to a single Black mother and her son at Dunbar Village one year ago today. I will contribute my own thoughts later on:

Dunbar Village, its been a year.

A year ago today was the horrible tragedy of the Dunbar Village gang rape. What an anniversary. I remember the sick feeling that ran through my body and the horrific images that flashed through my mind when I first learned of the most brutal hatred perpetrated on a woman and her child short of death.

It has been a pretty long year. The rapes, the silence, the indifference and the incompetence were at levels I never stopped to acknowledge in the past. The rape an abuse was symbolic of everything wrong with the world. Crime, insulated poverty, lack of values, lack of discipline, absence of dreams, goals and a future. Hopelessness, despair. Negligent parenting.

Empathy and progress is not about race. The Black organizations were absent. Empathy and progress is not about gender. The indifference was from men and women alike.

So instead of criticizing Barack Obama for expecting parents to take responsibility for their children whether that be on Father's Day or when he speaks of education, lets simply stop enabling criminals to victimize our women, children and hijack our neighborhoods.

Remember, there are still rapists on the loose in West Palm Beach.

How did Dunbar Village affect you?


BLKSeaGoat said...

I don't think I'll ever be completely right after learning about Dunbar.

It hurts and saddens me... STILL. said...

Hello there!

What disturbs me so much about this is that the chief of police was a BLACK woman...and the police force did verrrry little to apprehend the suspects who probably live in the same zip code as the rape...clearly those teens were KNOWN in the neighborhood or she would not have opened the door for them... I am deeply saddened by the viciousness and also the callousness of the so-called "neighbors" who were other black women...

{shaking my head}

Thanks for sharing this.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!