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Friday, March 7, 2008


The image you see is not one from long ago but recently. This racist and demeaning image of a Black Woman is courtesy of actor Charles Knipp, better known as the character's name: Shirley Q. Liquor. I won't even get into the basics of this monstrosity that this fat, gay, white performer continues to brazenly present to the predominately white and gay clubs and functions around the country. Shame on the mainstream gay community for not stepping up and demanding that Knipp stop this racist play acting. Well if your sickened as I am go to Sister Jasmyne Cannick's blog and sign her petition to ban this disgusting character once and for all.

In addition I'm calling out all Black performers to stop doing these modern day mammy roles which continue to demean Black women. We can't call out and demand the removal of Shirley Q. Liquor and continue to support films like "Norbitt". Yes, I'm calling out Martin, Eddie and all of the others who continue to participate in presenting these stereotypical images. For more information on the stereotypical images of Black women , Abogond provides more information here.

So let's all go and support Jasmyne and sign the petition. Let's come through for the Black Woman.

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Christina Springer said...

Mr Shadow:

I beg to differ. (And my heartfelt apologies.) But,never, never, never will I tell anyone what they can and can't say. By doing so, I allow others to offer me the same treatment.

I have three choices for change:
1. Stop giving Shirley Q. Liquor any mindshare by promoting directly or indirectly his/her act.
2. Write, produce and direct (or cause to have written, produced and directed) an act which would steal Shirley Q. Liquor's target audience and put him/her out of business.
3. Vote extensively - with my dollars - against anything which resembled compliance with this act and any of its stereotypes.

Put them and anything resembling them out of business. But, causing a ruckus which makes people curious about the ruckus only serves to advance their goal - paid behinds n the seats. We're still angry - they're getting paid. (From the fallout of our anger.) Makes no sense.