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Monday, December 3, 2007


By the time this post goes out, the burial of Sean Taylor will have taken place. The Washington Redskins football player was killed last week when criminals broke into his Florida home. It has been confirmed that Taylor was killed protecting his girlfriend and daughter with a machette. He was shot in the leg where the bullet cut an artery and he died in the hospital later that day. Another Black male who was coming into manhood cut down. Another woman loses her soulmate and another child will grow up without knowing her her father.

There are many things that people have said in the media and blogs. What About Our Daughters has a particularly insightful commentary about this and the effect in our communities and the image of celebrity in today's post. I could go on myself but I don't have the heart to. All I will do is wish the family and friends of Sean Taylor all of my prayers.

Let us use this unfortunate event to rally against this thug, "no snitching" and keep it real mentality. To let our young ones know that being successful does not mean acting like a thug and embracing crime and criminal images. To let them know that being successful is being a good, productive citizen who helps their loved ones as well as others. We have to do something about this, all of us. In every home, school, church, town and city. All of us must get involved for the sake of our communities.

Well, that's all for now. Let's all work to make this world better.

Mr. Shadow signing off.


Tami said...

Mr. Shadow,

Thanks for stopping by my "place" today. I thought I'd stop over at your digs to check them out. Great blog!

Did you happen to catch the article about Michael Vick in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated? It was timely in that it highlighted the trials of young, black athletes trying to escape environments and friends that are detrimental to them. I wonder how many of the issues the article raised apply to Sean Taylor as well.

If you did read it, I'd be interested to know what you think.

mrshadow33 said...

Thank you Tami for stopping by. I did read the article on Micheal Vick and I found it very illuminating. I think that some of it applied to Sean Taylor since previously he did not talk much to the media and had his issues with the law. I can only speculate that by the time he turned his life around to become a better man and father, the forces that he previously dealt with helped lead to his death. In any case,it is a shame.

Thanks again for coming to the site. As Bogart said at the end of Casablanca,"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
Take care. Mr.Shadow signing off.