Family Reunion by Laverne Ross

Friday, November 30, 2007


I hate to have to add to the reports that are already out there but I feel that I must. The body of LaTasha Norman, a 20 year old student attending Jackson State University in Mississippi who had been missing for two weeks. From the reports I have just gleaned from Black America Web, Norman's estranged ex-boyfriend was arrested for her murder after leading police to her body.

Haven't heard of this young lady? I didn't until last week and don't expect to see her story on the news. The big networks seem content with covering missing white girls and news of Paris hilton in jail and other frivolous news. All this while numerous young Black females have gone missing and don't seem to merit much attention. Indifference, that's the word I would use for this disparity in news coverage.

We as a people have to do some thing about this. What can we do? Start with the children in your neighborhoods. Talk to young women and caution them about the people that they choose to date. Impart to them that they are beautiful Black princesses and Queens and that they don't need any man to validate that for them. Teach them survival tactics such as never going anywhere alone, to always go with several friends, don't let anyone buy them a drink in a club or get them a drink at a party so they won't fall prey to possible drugging. (Date rape drugs are being used in drinks increasingly and happening more often) Of course the other weapon we have is prayer, to pray for our young ones on a regular basis. Of course, I'm sure all of you out there have other suggestions and I would be glad to hear them. The point is we must do something. For LaTasha Norman, Nailah Franklin and the other beautiful Black females that were taken from us so cruelly.

God Bless you LaTasha Norman. I am sure that your spirit is flying free and your are doing well on the other side. I know that the Creator of the Universe has blessed and continues to bless you. I honor your memory.

My prayers go out to the family and friends of LaTasha Norman.

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