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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well it happened sooner than I expected but the best damn golfer in the world,Tiger Woods is going back on the green to reclaim his title. What a better tournament to do this in than the Masters. Of course the PGA head honchos must be dancing in the aisles now that the most popular golfer is coming back. Ratings were dismal in the Tigerless tournaments and the possibility of a Masters tournament without him spelled a ratings disaster. They don't have to worry about that anymore.

Now I know we are several weeks later after Tiger's press conference, which I might add I thought was honest and heartfelt. He did not shirk from the responsibility he has for the affairs that he had outside of his marriage and vowed to become a better individual. I am totally convinced of this and for others to question it to me seems absurd. Most of those trying to drive a stake in Tiger don't have the guts to go in front of the cameras and be viewed by billions of people around the world and talk about what he did wrong. Especially clowns like Steven A. Smith who absolutely threw Tiger under the bus on Larry King Live and was posing as some sort of arbiter of moral values and tastes. I even saw a post by my fellow blogger and Laker fan Professor Tracey take shots at Tiger. I strongly disagreed with her post on this matter on her site. As far as I know, infidelity is not a crime. He didn't kill anyone nor did he steal from anyone. Whetever happens is between Tiger and his wife.

In any case Tiger will start winning again, the sponsers will come back and many will forget the drama that started Thanksgiving weekend and reached a creschendo on that day in February. Go ahead Tiger, live your life and kick butt on the golf course.

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