Family Reunion by Laverne Ross

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well it was no big surprise while looking at the annual three hours plus event that is the Oscars that Monique won the Best Supporting Actress award for her portrayal of the monstrous mother in the movie "Precious". I have some misgivings about the film but I will save them until I watch the film. But the feeling I have and from what I have seen played out is that there are people who are against the film thinking it adds to the stereotyping of Black people and the ones who applaud the movie for putting a spotlight on the horrors of child abuse and incest (In the Black community and other communities) In deed there have been many in the Black community who endured these horror who found a catharsis and release with this film. Many were encouraged to talk about their ordeals for the first time after suffering in silence for many years.

Precious also won another Oscar in the Best adapted screenplay category. I'm honestly not mad at Monique and the other members of the cast. Being an actor myself I realize the challenge that comes with certain roles and for Her it was a purging of the demons of incest and abuse that she suffered from her own brother when she was a child. I salute her win on strong acting merits. However, I hope that somehow this will make possible other films that focus on more positive and uplifting subjects. I know many in the blog world will and have come down hard on this film and I will leave them to have at it. I chose to take this approach and hope for the better in the neverending quest to have full and wide ranging roles for whole of Black culture.

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