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Thursday, July 23, 2009


So much has happened in the last month that I have to do another of my CATCH UP posts.
Going back to the week of June 25th Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett passed away and of course I was saddened because I watched both of them on television growing up. Then of course Micheal Jackson passes on and the music and cultural world hasn't been the same since. I went and stocked up on MJ cd's and watched much of the coverage. However it wasn't until I watched the beautiful memorial service that it sunk in that Brother Michael was gone from this plane of existence. He will be missed. Unfortunately the frenzy suroounding his death and the his will and fortune will go on for some time.

Had a nice 4th of July and was enjoying watching MJ videos with some friends when I hear about the death of Steve McNair. Later on it is revealed that it was a murder suicide with his mistress pulling the trigger on him and then herself. A tragedy anyway you want to put it. His wife is left a widow and three sons to raise while constantly hearing the talk about her husband's infidelity. This just goes to show that the choices you make can and will have consequences. Steve McNair made the wrong choice and it ultimately cost him his life, a life that should have continued.

Oh a shout out to Richard Jefferson, thanks for further damaging the image of Black men by weaseling out of getting married by sending the intended bride a text. A text! Come on, at least have the guts to tell her in person, like a man!

The NAACP celebrated its 100 anniversary. While I remain a critic of this organization, I honor all of the work that it has done to help advance the cause of human and civil rights in this country. President Obama's speech on the last night was simply riveting. I could see that he was filled with the spirit as he wound up and ended his speech. It certainly inspired me.

To me health care is a simple matter: make it available for everyone in America. I support a single payer health care but Realize that the public option is the next best thing. I pray that the President pushes this through.

Over here in California it seems we are at the mercy of a block head of a Governor and his Republican associates who are damaging our great state. There is a budget compromise but surprise!! It consists of budget cuts and no tax increases. I mean should I be surprised that Ahnold would so strongly come to the defense of his rich fat cat buddies while the rest of us suffer?

Everyone who fancies him/herself a journalist or simply a viewer of the news should bow their heads in a moment of silence with the passing of Walter Cronkite. The man throughout most of the 92 years he spent on this earth, particularly the years he spent as an anchor for nearly 20 years on CBS breathed journalistic integrity. He was even keeled in his reporting and did his best to keep emotion out of it. He viewed his job as presenting the facts/news to the American people and letting us decide.(Unlike what Fixed..Fox news says but doesn't do) This lead him to being called the "Most Trusted Man in America" and he did not take this honor lightly. Just look at the highlights of his breaking the news about President Kennedy's death and the death of Dr. King's death. You see him on the verge of breaking down but collects himself and continues his report.
That is true journalism ladies and gentlemen and we should honor this man for being the very embodiement of it. Farewell Mr. Cronkite, God speed.


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