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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well my dear readers I am back once again. I have come to the realization that due to my currently heavy schedule I will not be able to blog as heavily as the previous year. Hence the first of many "Catch up Reports" which will be done in the manner of one who is getting up to date on things.

With no further adieu, here we go:

So, Rhianna has accepted Chris Brown back. Personally I will pray for her to wake up and for Chris to get some intervention...of an ass whipping variety. When will our Black males realize that hitting a woman is NOT acceptable under ANY circumstances. It is not a show of strength but of weakness. It doesn't matter if she started it, you do not hit her! To those Black women who blame the victim, wake up. It is never the woman's fault and if you are in a relationship with someone like that then know that he is not a man but a punk! Get out of the relationship before it gets worse and ends in your getting seriously injured or killed. Please wake up.

Loved Steve Harvey's radio show this morning. He went on a much needed rant against the whole Chris/Rhianna story and called on all women to reject males who are that way and admonishing abusers as "punk asses". Amen to that and by the way please go out and read Steve's book. I plan to.

President Obama has been in office almost 40 days now and in my opinion is doing just fine. But can we stop falling for the ruse of how is Obama doing? He hasn't been in office a year let alone 4, give the man some space! I don't remember them being all on Clinton or Bush in their early days.

Is it just me but everytime I see our President I feel so damn proud and inspired! We will disagree with him but let us always do so out of respect.

I think the stimulus package will do just fine despite the negative intentions of the "cry baby" Republicans. Personally, I hope the Republicans keep on with their negativity and stone walling and do until they are gone out of existence.

So let that fat, oxycotin taking, tub o' lard Rush "Limp"baugh wish Obama to fail all he likes. Let them elect that clown Michael Steele as the head of the RNC as a Negro front. Is there anyone that truly thinks that the Republicans actually take this man seriously??

It will all fail and Obama will win in the end but let us not forget to do our part to help him and in turn our country. We must do all that we can to help lift ourselves and others to higher goals. The President can't and shoulden't do it alone. We must shoulder our own weight.

I really love to watch Venus and Serena Williams reassert their dominance over the women's tennis world.

Oh, and watch out white golf world, Tiger's Back and he's coming for you!! Please know that he will take his crown back.

Well, that is all for now. More to come later.


Lynn The Journalist said...

My mom really likes this blog and showed it to me. It's pretty to-the-point.

People are still buzzing on about the Chris/Rhianna debacle. So much so that I hear she's pregnant. And, of course she's going to forgive and take him back; women do this so often. A friend of mine was in this situation, only she had a son, and she's still with him now. I can name so many cases, but I think you get the point: women don't usually do what they need to.

Overall, you're very passionate, which keeps your posts interesting.

mrshadow33 said...

Thank you very much for your kind words and thank your mother for sharing this blog with you. Please keep reading and I will definitely have more posts coming.

focusedpurpose said...

hi there-

thank you for being A MAN.

i read your thoughts and i am thankful that there truly is a remnant that has been saved so that all will know the power of God.

thank you for not towing the line as so many have with domestic violence.