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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I missed last night's last second fracus between my L.A. Sparks and the Detroit Shock. As expected the WNBA is reviewing the incident. My guess is that Candace Parker and Delisha Milton-Jones of the Sparks and Plenette Pierson, Deanna Logan and punk ass assistant coach Rick Mahorn of the Shock will be suspended for several games and levied fines.

Kudos to Candace Parker and Delisha Milton Jones for not backing down against the thuggish Shock. The Lakers sure could have used your guts and grit during the championship.

First Pierson apparently trying to become a female version of the type of thug/goon player that Laimbeer and Mahorn were should recieve the harshest of the suspension and fine. She is the one who purposely ran into Candace Parker and started the whole thing. Now because of her, teammate Cheryl Ford is out for the season with torn cartilage in her knee after trying to break up the fight.

Now to Mr. "Bad Boy" Mahorn who not only gets the "If I Only Had a Brain Award" but also proves to be a PUNK ASS for his push down of Lisa Leslie during the melee. You desrve a hell of a lot more than the slap to the head that Delisha Milton Jones gave you. I don't wan't to hear your pathetic excuse of trying to be a peacemaker, you don't push a woman. Hey Rick haven't you figured out that you are in the WNBA, not the NBA. You coach the players not push them you idiot!

What the hell are they drinking down in Detroit? Is something in the water? The Mayor is on trial for being a liar, perjurer and basically an idiot with his sex text messages to his mistress. The city is in the toliet economically crime is escalating at an all time high, the schools are deplorable and its image is taking a severe beating. I'm sure Laimbeer and his female thugs in training have done the city proud.


Uncontainable Spirit said...

I just wanted to put my two cents in about the Sparks / Pistons fiasco. I don't know if you watched the altercation on tape or in person between Detroit and LA... but Lisa Leslie actually took a swing at Rick Mahorn. She was off balance because of this overtly aggressive act and when he turned to 'stop' her from hitting him she was backing away because she 'thought' he was going to retaliate... he was trying to HELP her in spite of being attacked by her.

In fact... it's HIS voice you clearly hear on the tape saying "I got you. I got you."... then he gets attacked from behind. I'm sure you'll be calling for Delisha Milton's suspension as well eh? I know that our society is geared toward the equality stance EXCEPT when there is news to be made. When Lisa Leslie plays basketball she's a 'basketball player' but when something supposedly egregious happens she's suddenly a 36 yr old mother and not a basketball player... smh... so much for equality eh?

If this wasn't basketball, then there would be a police investigation, etc., and an innocent man could actually be charged. Yes, I said innocent. The replay shows Leslie entering the fracas to (as she admitted) come to the "rescue" of her teammate. Mahorn, who had already pulled a couple of other players out of the melee, tried to turn back Leslie. She slipped back while taking a swing at him. He even reached a hand out to pick her up until he was punched from behind by another Sparks player.

Lisa Leslie would have served her league better by failing to respond after the game, and reviewed the tape herself before adding gas to the fire. The problem is that she is more interested in the warmth of her own spotlight than she is in the health of her game.

Oh well... you'll believe what you wish to believe, however if you will review the tape you'll see that Lisa Leslie was actually taking a swing at Rick Mahorn and lost her balance as she was backing away from him. Rick did nothing wrong at all. If anything everyone should be calling for Leslie and Milton's suspensions because they BOTH tried to physically attack (and Milton succeeded) a coach in their league.

Hmmmm... what happened to Spreewell? But no... we're all going to pretend like the little bitty girls don't cause trouble and don't fight and blah blah blah while blaming the big man for doing something wrong when he CLEARLY didn't do anything wrong. Look at the 20 second point in this view. Lisa Lesle CLEARLY takes a swing at Rick Mahorn and in tries to help her up in spite of it. And THIS is the guy you're bashing? THIS is the guy you're accusing? I guess you're going to have to suspend Michael Cooper too because he too was touching opposing players.

mrshadow33 said...

First I would like to thank you for your spirited comments. Now for my response: I stand by what I said in regards to Rick Mahorn. After seeing the footage I do give him credit that he was trying to stop the fight. Here is the problem my friend: Mahorn is nearly 7" tall and 300 pounds who is obviously bigger than Lisa Leslie and HE SHOULD NOT HAVE PUSHED HER! All he had to do was just stand in her way. I don't see what you saw in terms of taking a swing at Mahorn but even if he did HE SHOULD NOT HAVE RETAILIATED.
Now since you think that I am being too sensitive let me ask you a question: If that was your woman out there and it looked like Mahorn pushed her, what would you do?
Oh and I said agt the beginning of my post that Delisha Milton Jones(You might want to write her full name next time)would be suspended. I actually agree that they all should be suspended. You didn't read what I said about that out of control player who tried to basically run over Candace Parker that started the whole thing. Oh and I think Micheal Cooper will be just fine since he was trying to respectfully break up the fight. I guess you were trying to be funny but it comes off as a cheap shot. Oh and one final point my friend,Coach Cooper came out in support of Rick Mahorn so why would I want him suspended? He shares your view. You might want to check yourself on your views towards equality in regards to women. I believe in it but any kind of violence, even the appearance of it is unacceptable to me.
Well that is my two cents and then some, believe what you will.