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Thursday, May 8, 2008


Take a good look at this picture. What you see here is a beautiful young woman named Ramona Moore. Ramona moved with her mother from Guyana to the United States eventually settling in New York City. She was an excellent student, graduated with honors from high school and was attending Hunter College in New York. One night she told her mother that she was going to a local Burger King restaurant and left the house that they shared. She never came back. Unfortunately, the beautiful 21 year old woman would eventually be found dead. She was kidnapped, held captive for days and raped repeatedly by two beasts who happen to have the guise of Black males. They also paraded her in front of several people who for some reason did not report it to authorities. These beasts then bludgeoned this poor innocent girl to death.

These beasts were later caught after a 15 year old girl they had captured escaped and told authorities. They are now serving life without parole in an upstate New York prison. That is to good for them. They deserve to have their ***** shot off and in addition they should have to endure every depiction of Hell ever devised.

That news is tragic enough but did you know that this occurred back in 2003? So why the racial bias lawsuit you might ask? Well it seems that Ramona's mother Elle Carmichael had to keep bothering the police to file a missing person report and look for her. Here is what a detective said to her when she reported her daughter missing:

“Lady why are you calling here? Your daughter is 21. These officers should not have taken the report in the first place."

Wonderful guy isn't he? What a credit to police officers everywhere. It seems that Ramona's mother and family had to keep word of her disappearance out on the streets by them selves since the police refused to do so. When they finally did after much badgering, it was too late. Racism and the NYPD just keep making appearances together when it comes to Black people. In the aftermath of Sean Bell murder acquittal miscarriage of justice, I am reminded how worse Black women and girls are treated as opposed to whites. When one white women went missing month earlier and the police went all out in their efforts to find her. They used all media coverage and all the tools that they had. Unfortunately, she too was found dead but at least the police tried to find her. The same can't be said for Ramona Moore. She was essentially ignored by the police. How can it not be racial?

Oh and to those people who saw and spoke to Ramona, who saw her battered and bruised body and saw those beasts continuously humiliate her and did nothing. I wish upon them the guilt, everlasting guilt for not lifting a finger to try and save her. My God they could have called 911 or the very least could have made an anonymous phone call to the police. I am convinced that you all will have your conscious haunted with your inaction for the rest of your lives. You disgust me!

Read more on this story from Ms. Gina over at What About Our Daughters and the excellent article about this sad tale in the Village Voice.

All of our prayers and good wishes should go to Ms. Carmichael in her time of need.
Ramona, may your spirit continue to sour in the heavens over at the other plane of existence. You will get justice, I am convinced of it.

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