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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A Personal, Open Appeal to Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

Dear Rev. Wright:

I remain a supporter of your free speech rights. I agree with the majority of what you have been saying. However, I must ask you now to please shut up! The You Tube editing/distortion I understand, the Moyers interview I understand, even the Detroit NAACP Awards I can understand, but your performance in front of the Waschington D.C. Press Corps was going too far. You didn't need to do that. Don't you see that this is hurting your friend Barack Obama? We have a chance to make history but more important we have a very strong chance to push these Republicans out of the White House. Why are you doing this? Is it ego? Anger? Whatever it is you need to stifle it and just shut up until Barack is elected. Then you can go on any show and strut in front of everyone. Right now you are hurting your self, your friend Barack and in effect will hurt this country. Please just shut up!

I say this respectfully, Rev. Wright. Please think about the damage that you are doing. I still believe that you are an honorable man but your latest actions threaten even that.

So for the sake of all of us Rev. Wright, please just shut up!


focusedpurpose said...

hi there-

i have been reading these sentiments a lot lately. i have a question and i feel comfortable to ask it of you.

why should Rev. Wright be quiet?

was he not the same man that was condemned for speaking the truth? has he not also been an "advisor" for hrc yet obama lacks the testicular fortitude to point this out?

maybe, obama needs to stop with the nonsense and get real? run a campaign based on truth and the issues---there's a thought! folks either believe white folks have changed or they don't. folks believe most white americans are racist or they don't. why act like you believe while swearing you don't? where is the honor in that? how you start is how you finish, had he been real in the beginning he would be having a better go of it now. most people seem to want to laugh now and cry later. i promise to God this world is backwards.

it is poetic justice that mr. race won't be a factor is being pummelled by...race. integrity eliminates this tomfoolery.

ok, seriously, i do want to know your thoughts. today is a fiery day. moreso than usual.


mrshadow33 said...

Hello my Sister:

Unfortunately we are talking politics,which is an ancient,difficult and ruthless game. Barack has to keep on his toes and try his hardest not to miss anything that could hurt him.

I agree with the majority of Rev. Wright's statements and agree with you that he is speaking truth. However,in politics truth can at times be a liability. Think of this as a chess match. As you know it is the ultimate game of strategy. You have to constantly be two and three steps ahead of your opponent. Sometimes that means having to hold back on a particular move in order to set up the main move that will guarantee victory.We have to understand that in have to chose our battles and when to fight them.It is not a question for me of what he said but when he decided to say it. I'm referring specifically to his appearance before the Washington Press Corp. Don't you think that his appearance just a week before the important Indiana primary is a little suspect? The right wing propaganda machine is having a field day with this at Obama's expense(You should see the political cartoons alone)

I agree that Obama needs to show more backbone in his decision making. But again I point you to his strategy. I believe he is fully aware of the race situation but understands that if he runs a campaign based solely on race, he woulden't get far. So that is why he is running the campaign as he is. Like it or not he needs the white vote to get elected and he has(at least outwardly)the support of many whites. Also are you forgetting Obama's masterful speech on race over a month ago? The Brother is not naive. He needs to work on some things but he is not unaware of the factor of race.

My Sister please do not lose faith and hope for this election. I know that Obama is not the perfect choice but I am convinced he is the right choice to lead this country. We have to keep this goal in mind and so I'm sorry but the Rev. has become a distraction. Hopefully they will be able to talk it out behind closed doors and settle the matter like men.

I know you don't want the alternative of Mr."Bomg Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran" McCain as President. He will take the baton from Bush and keep on destroying this country and do his best to bring about Armageddon. We can not have that.

Any way that's my response. Please let me know what you think.

focusedpurpose said...

thank you for taking the time to respond. i see your perspective...

please consider this:

most americans feel that they must vote for either a dem or repub. both of these parties work together to the detriment of americans, especially black ones. so even if corrupt clinton went away and bridge/transcended/intermediary obama got the nomination and won---there would be no change, despite what he says. bringing troops home and all the other biz is a lie. not only is it a lie, obama knew he was lying when he told it. when one of his people gave an interview and the heads up---she was terminated. the troops will remain in iraq. there will be others deployed to iran and pakistan. america is not done with her profitable inhumane wars.

Mr. Shadow33, i saw the "speech" that obama gave and read the transcripts, i found it to be a lot of things and could describe it a lot of ways; masterful not so much. i felt very saddened by the "speech". i am not blown away by pretty words. i prefer substance. i promptly posted Queen Cynthia McKinney's letter in a post called amen sister!!! in that letter she addressed the core of my concerns. she said:

"i am deeply offended that in the middle of a Presidential campaign, remarks--be they from a pastor or a communications mogul, or a former Vice Presidential nominee--are the cause of a focus on race, and not the deep racial disparities that communities are forced to endure on a daily basis in this country."

she went on to outline the loss of wealth and the years---centuries---it would take to recover from these atrocities. this loss of wealth impacted black and hispanics more than anyone else. so if you look at the greater picture, if someone is running for the highest elected office in the land; and are incapable of speaking eloquently and bridging the gap between the races and classes that this country is comprised of---i won't be sad not to see them in office. obama's silence on the important issues scream that he is a part of the problem. the truth doesn't change according to who is listening. the truth is the truth. telling the truth would be a great "change". calling people on their racist hypocrisy is imperative as well. had obama been proactive instead of reactive he would be having a different experience all together. "playing by the rules" can be re-phrased as "working against the best interests of black folks". that my friend is the game---to cover the whole game would be to acknowledge that all should work against the best interest of all people of color. i wish the truth was different. as long as it isn't i will be telling the truth and working to change what i see so clearly.

just so your know, i haven't given up on this election. i will vote for Queen McKinney. she tells the truth and pays the price for her willingness to stand for the best interest of the black masses. these are the type of representatives that the black collectives need. it is really just that simple for me.

thanks for your interesting dialogue and exchange. i appreciate you tremendously. our strength is in our differences:-) i did a get it off my chest post if you are interested.

blessings in abundance,