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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I first read about this on Professor Tracey's blog and she was not very complimentary on it. I understand because she is a self described "Hip Hop Junkie" and feels that Cosby hates it. I don't think that he hates all of rap, just the examples that he has heard which are vulgar, misogynistic and just plain bad. I think that he needs to hear the more powerful and uplifting forms of hip hop to help balance his perspective.
Any way I think Mr. Cosby's foray into hip hop is a good one. He isn't rapping on it for one and second he is spotlighting hip hop acts that rap about positive subjects like education and respecting women. (Which I guess just confirms what I said in the previous paragraph) Third he and his musical collaborator will incorporate musical forms like jazz into the tracks.
The album is scheduled to come out in May. I for one can't wait to go and buy it.

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Michael said...

Bill Cosby dropping a hip hop album? I love it. However I’m very disapointed in hearing that Bill actually won’t rap on the album himself and is instead enlisting no name emcees. One of my fellow bloggers over on Highbrid Nation reported on Bill’s album and I decided to make a plea in the comments section to Bill to let me ghost write for him and I even wrote some rhymes for Bill. Funny stuff, check it out when you get a chance (Link)

But anyway, I ain’t mad at Bill, he comes across as an angry old man but a lot of what he says is wrong in the inner city is very on point.