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Friday, April 25, 2008


The beat goes on, the beat goes on... What am I talking about? I'm not talking about the lyrics to the classic song by Sonny & Cher. I am talking about the evil, insidious and consistent beat of racism against Blacks in this country we call America.

The verdict in the Sean Bell trial came in from New York today and the three police officers who were charged with his killing were acquitted by a judge .

For those of you that need a reminder, Sean Bell was the young man who was shot and killed outside a New York strip club early morning just hours before he was to be married. He was killed in a barrage of gunfire by the aforementioned officers, 50 times in fact. Oh by the way Sean Bell was unarmed. He was a loving father and was looking forward to marrying his fiancee. He did not deserve to die, let alone from a hail of bullets.

The beat goes on, and the beat goes on....

What does this acquittal mean? It means that these "thugs", these "murderers", these disgraces to the majority of honorable police officers everywhere goes away scott free. Another slap in the face for Blacks in this country who simply want to see justice served. Those who were hoping that this wouldn't be like Rodney King, lAmadou Diallo, Abner Louima, the case of the shootings of Black Youth in Cincinnati and like the brutal shooting of Tyesha Miller in Riverside, California almost ten years ago. All verdicts in favor of the corrupt and evil "goons" who happened to be police officers. Again the message gets flashed in front of Black people: your lives don't matter. We can kill you and not get punished because your lives aren't worth a damn.

The beat of racism: The beat goes on and the beat goes on.

Don't be fooled that this isn't racism because two of the officers who murdered Sean Bell were Black. These traitors are Black in skin tone only. They represent the House Negro mentality that have betrayed Blacks time and again in our journey for freedom and justice. The Africans who collaborated with Whites and Arabs to sell their own people into slavery, those who spied on Malcolm X and the Black Panthers and those who oppose affirmative action are but a few examples of this. Yes, this is a clear case of racism.

What are we as a people to do? We can't stay silent. We must organize, we must plan and we must take action so that we can stop our people being shot down like dogs. We have to wake up.

You know people get mad at Rev. Wright's comments of "Goddamn America" but it doesn't seem like he's crazy know does it?

I love this country and it is the greatest in the world despite all of the problems but right now this country is in serious need of prayer because I believe that God is damning America and we have to band together and deliver it from the pit of evil that it is descending to.

Please continue to pray for the family of Sean Bell as they continue to grieve for the loss of someone who did not deserve to die.

God bless you Sean Bell.

The beat goes on and the beat goes on.....


BLKSeaGoat said...

This is just another sad case of a black man being murdered at the hands of NYPD.

When will the madness end? The city has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in civil lawsuits and hush money because the police chief can't control his officers.

This is so sad...

mrshadow33 said...

Just another case of the police killing a Black man. It's like we are living in a dictatorship. This madness has to end. We have to do something about this.

Jazzy said...

You are right this is another sad and unfortunate case. How many times must black people be shot at for reaching for cell phones or other instances of mistaken aggressiveness without being given the benefit of doubt? Black men are no more malicious than any other race; they are no more violent, or dangerous. However, this misperceptions is strewn across the media and perpetuated by a few, that white people and even some black people believe it. Law and justice are only for those that are not black, even the darkest of other races get the innocent until proven guilty pass. Whereas as black people our ultimate sin is the color of our skin. God bless Sean.

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