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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Take a good look people, a true certified House Negro in action. Yeah, coon out some more AL!

This is a prologue for my crusade to help my other bloggers to expose good ol Rev Al Sharpton as nothing more than a media pimp. We most definitely stop looking in the direction of the old established Civil Rights Establishment that Sharpton and his opportunistic ilk represent.

For those who don't know, yesterday Sharpton waddled his pompous ass to a news conference in West Palm Beach Florida to speak against the alleged injustice against the four beasts that are in jail for the rape at Dunbar Village. He then stomped and pouted away when a local NAACP lawyer tried to get in a few words. Remember Sharpton stiffed sister Citoya Greenwood and canceled a promised apperance at a scheduled town meeting about Dunbar Village at the last minute. Now he turns around and defends the rights of these beasts to rape, beat and sodomize a Black woman? This greasy, slicked hair back phoney has gone too far!

With that action, a slap to the face of the Dunbar Victim, her son and all Black women, I now say with authority that the Rev Al Sharpton can go to hell! When you defend the rights of rapists against Black women, I don't give a damn what happens to you. F***K him!

It is time we get together and boycott his National Inaction Network until it is no more. In fact the NAACP falls in this category too. Let me take it further and state that we shouldn't give these and other organizations a dime until they start working in the best interests of Black Women and children. I have had it with these do nothings fat cats and so we must put them out.
More on this later.


g-e-m2001 said...

Wow Mr. Shadow, you got crunk with it.

BLKSeaGoat said...

Here, Here.

mrshadow33 said...

g-e-m2001 it is truly an honor to have your compliment on my blog. You continue to inspire me and in fact inspired me to become a blogger. Thank you gain for the kind words.

blkseagoat you are truly a soldier in the struggle and I only hope that I come close to matching your passion and commitment to the cause. Thank you.

Christina Springer said...

Well now! Don't hold back. Get that fire in your fingers!

Thembi said...

Thats right!

I'm more of a hater than a poliical pundit, but The Perminator has to go. Im sick of his pandering dictating to America what black America thinks while failing to speak for so many of us.

focusedpurpose said...

thank you for posting on this!

it feels good to know that you can see what is happening and how wrong it is. thank you for having the courage to speak. so many do not.

blessings to you!