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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the anniversary of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Turns out I was premature since today is the actual anniversary. So before you sit down and listen to that idiot Bush try in his mangled speech to justify the deaths of brave American soldiers and the wholesale slaughter of innocent Iraquis and the continued exploitation of the country, please read my analysis of this insanity:

5 years we have been in the country of Iraq. I remember all of the build up to where our deranged Commander in chief kept making the case that Saddam Hussien was helping Osama Bin Laden and shared the blame for the horror of September 11, 2001. I remember the war drums being started and increasing, increasing after Colin Powell knowingly showed phony documents of Iraqi nuclear bomb sites to the United Nations. I remember sitting in a chair watching the news as the bombs fell on Iraq. They kept falling and falling. My father looked at me and told me that things won't be the same after this. He served in Vietnam, another illegal occupation that American led, so he knows of what he speaks of.

I was not fooled in the sightest like so many other people were. It drives me crazy that people fell for Bush's crap. If they had bothered to look into what he was claiming they would have seen that he was lying. That Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and in fact barely had an army. They would have discovered that there was no Al Queada pressence in Iraq because Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein hated each other with a passion.

Yet congress with a few exceptions voted to give the okay to take millitary action anyway. So what has happened since that fateful vote? Here is a synopsis:

-Thosands of brave American soldiers dead

-Thousands of innocent Iraqui civilians dead

-A country torn apart by civil war

-Saddam is executed, but did it really matter and why did he die? Was it because he had some things to say about what was going on in the dealings of his former allies the Bushes?

-Iraqui women have seen their modest gains diminish with the ascension of the militant muslim group that is now in power.

-American soldiers who are being repeatedly sent back to mutiple tours of duty. 3, 4, 5 tours of duty for many. As a result many soldiers are literally losing their minds due to what they see and have to do.

-The torture of innocent people by our government. Abu Gahrib and Gitmo are still in operation.

-Billions upon billions of dollars wasted. Money that could have been used to help the fix the devastation in Louisiana from the destruction of Katrina. Money that could have been used for health care, education and housing to name just a few.

-The wives, husbands and children of slain American children are left heartbroken and in emotional pain.

-Yearly cuts in Veteran's benefits by Mr. Bush. This results in countless veteran's hospitals shutting down and programs being cut.

Also as a result, thousands of Veterans find themselves homeless just months after returning home.

There are other atrocities that are happening but I am too sickened right now to go over them. Suffice to say that despite this madness, we must agitate for the return of our troops from Iraq. They have done their duty and now it is time to bring them home.

Well, that's all for now on this subject. In closing I want to send all of my prayers to all of the brave women and men serving in Iraq. You are appreciated and that is why I and millions of others will work to bring you home.

There is an excellent article on this from google that you can read here.

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