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Friday, February 29, 2008


a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.
The person you see to the left of John McCain is the emodiement of this term. You can also throw in racist and intolerant into the mix. That is the Rev. John Hagee, Christian preacher from San Antonio who has some very uncomfortable views to say the least.
Here is an example of his "oh so holy" views courtesy of Crooks and
"Adolf Hitler attended a Catholic school as a child and heard all the fiery anti-Semitic rantings from Chrysostom to Martin Luther. When Hitler became a global demonic monster, the Catholic Church and Pope Pius XII never, ever slightly criticized him. Pope Pius XII, called by historians ‘Hitler’s Pope,’ joined Hitler in the infamous Concordat of Collaboration, which turned the youth of Germany over to Nazism, and the churches became the stage background for the bloodthirsty cry, ‘Pereat Judea’…. In all of his [Hitler’s] years of absolute brutality, he was never denounced or even scolded by Pope Pius XII or any Catholic leader in the world. To those Christians who believe that Jewish hearts will be warmed by the sight of the cross, please be informed—to them it’s an electric chair."
Oliver Willis adds of the good Rev.:
"Hagee has denounced replacement theology, believing that Romans 9, 10 and 11 teaches that the Jewish people continue to have favor with God by the election of grace and as a people of the covenant their salvation is not dependent on belief in Jesus Christ. Hagee believes that the Bible commands Christians to support Israel and the Jewish people.

He alleges the land of Israel never belonged to the Arabs because sovereignty went from the Ottoman Turks who controlled the land prior to World War I, to the British, to the United Nations which authorized its partition and creation of the State of Israel. He claims the land was named Palestine after the ancient Philistines to punish the Jews for their revolt against the Romans, that there is no unique Palestinian language and most of those who claim to be Palestinians immigrated from other Arab nations prior to 1948.

Hagee has said Iran is a threat to Western civilization and that they will never respond favorably to diplomacy[citation needed]. He supports an American-Israeli attack on Iran to eliminate its alleged nuclear programme and supports the Neo-Conservative movement in the United States."
Now with all of the attention given to Min. Louis Farrakhan's endorsement Of Barack Obama and Tim Russert's pressing of the Senator to denounce him, why aren't we hearing the same outcries about Rev. Hagee and McCain. Why isn't he being asked to condemn Hagee's outrageous
comments? Is Tim Russert going to ask the same question to Senator McCain? Somehow I don't think so. Oh if your wondering what "Mr. Straight Talk Express" thinks of the Rev. he says that he is proud to have Hagee's support. Great candidate huh?
This guy is so far gone it is scary. So I will repeat what I have said before: I will not vote Republican. I can't afford to help put in office a man like this. Never.
So in closing I say, Go Obama!

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Helen and Hell said...

Oh you say Go Obama like there was any real possibility that you would say anything else.
Of course your closed mind was made up long ago so stop trying to fool people and just admit it