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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am a big Steve Harvey fan and I have been a listener to his radio show for 7 years now, back to the days when he was doing radio from L.A. I think he is one of the best comedians that is out there bar none. I love that he begins his program with a gospel song and words of inspiration that many times come from his own life. He also ends his program with closing remarks that are also aimed at inspiring but also to uplift his listeners. I have tapes of all of the closing remarks he has done over the years and have even played them for my students in class. He also has been firm in his opposition to the negative images and the negative treatment of Black Women in the media.

Well on this morning's show, Steve read an e-mail letter he recieved from a 20 year old female in Virginia. She told Steve that he needed to get with the times and stop playing the classic r & b songs that he likes to play because those songs are old. She then added that he needed to play artists like Lil John and Soulja Boy and that her generation's music is better than the classic r & b of yesterday. Poor child, she knows not what she has done. Steve played some of the music and then got to "Crank Dat" and you could virtually cringe when this insipid song was playing in fact you could here his nephew Tommy yell offhand to turn it off. Then Steve and his nephew did a brilliant bit as their characters "Reverend Motown" and "Deacon Def Jam" basically denouncing the song, saying they coulden't understand it and that it was disrespectful to women and would not be played on the show again. In between my fits of laughter I applauded. I was proud of Steve for taking a stand for our Black Women.

For those that don't understand what Steve was objecting to, I will refer you to my Favorite Blog What About Our Daughters and the post from October 4th. You can access it and read the letter that Ms. Gina received from an HBCU professor about the lyrics to this song. It is not nice and further denigrates our women.

Props and my respect to you Steve for rejecting this nonsense.

Mr. Shadow signing off.

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